Services We Provide

Cost Estimating

We prepare detailed costings using preliminary architectural and engineering drawings. This acts as an early stage cost check for both the client and the design team.

Tender Reports

The tender report is prepared following receipt of tender returns from a select list of contractors. It takes the form of a focused report which summarises tender returns and identifies any errors in pricing levels. The tender report concludes with a recommendation to the client and design team and the identification of a preferred contractor

Cost Planning

Our early stage estimates are developed to suit the clients budget and to take account of the evolving design. This ensures that any cost over-runs are identified at an early stage and can be addressed accordingly.

Bill of Quantities

A bill of quantities provides a high level of cost control and ensures that selected contractors are pricing each project on an equal basis. We work with the Architect and Engineer during the detailed design phase and we strive to ensure the “Tender Issue” BOQ accurately reflects the requirements of each project. The tender BOQ contains a summary which represents the contractors bid price. There may be pre contract adjustments and negotiations with the successful tenderer and these will be included in a “Contract Issue” BOQ. During the construction phase the priced BOQ provides a mechanism to value the works, establish payments due to the contractor and, ultimately to negotiate and agree a final account”. In our opinion, a properly prepared bill of quantities can greatly increase the likelihood of a successful and harmonious construction project.